Successful Rejuvenation of Mice

This is a presentation from a week ago by Bill Andrews, on the telomere lengthening of mice and how they were rejuvenated on every measure:


So Basically humans are immortal now

Barring accidents and homicides.

EDIT: Not strictly “immortal” since that is a religious concept and an impossibility. Also, it is going to take some years to apply it to humans and make it affordable.

But the implications are clear: the “script” that people have lived by since the beginning of human life is obsolete. That is, there will be no more “seven ages of man”, and people’s priorities will necessarily shift dramatically. If you have messed up in your first 70 years, you won’t necessarily be “a failure” but instead you get to redo your life, something denied to previous generations. You get time to fix any problem whatsoever.

And politicians . . . .

War is one of the sources of homicide that will need to be reassessed. There could still be professional soldiers, but not cannon fodder as in WW1, once people twig to the new conditions.