Subtitles are altered in youtube FAQ, is this a joke?

I was browsing the beginners section and came at the FAQ and some youtube movies explaining the FAQ. The movies are from 2014 so there not recent but it was where I came using your beginners guide for FAQ.

I watched some of the FAQ and because I found the man hard to understand I turned on the subs. But after a few movies the subs where saying totally different things ??

From episode 8 subs are altered.

Good example:

At 1:25 he is is saying: to see a operating system that is 100% open source

the sub is saying: she deceitful resistance a 100 % missiles…

This is with all the parts he didn’t pronounce clear enough…

is this some joke or is it hacked? or are the movies to old? I dont think this is right …?

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Is youtube using software to generate the subtitles in real time like some TVs do now?

If it is then it could simply be a failing of the algorithm

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sorry for posting it wrong topic yeah that must be it to bad they didnt make subs for all the faq

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