Substratum TV advertisement that aired on Fox today

I’m not a believer in this project at all, although I do check up on it from time to time just to see how they are doing. The one thing they seem to be pretty good at is marketing, and i’m sure this advert will help them get a lot more exposure.

Anyway just posted so we can see what Safenet’s supposed competitor is doing, even though I know they are trying to build something very different to the Safe network.

I feel like I just watched a glorified ad for TOR with crypto currency attached to it. How does Sub differ from TOR essentially? And yeah I agree their scope is honestly a great deal smaller than Maid, but with such a simple focus and if the app is truly 1 click and done then it may be user friendly to at least drive fast adoption.

Edit- Welp I read this : , but I honestly don’t like their answers, not enough detail here.


Yes, I agree it does seem like a glorified TOR, and for me it does seem like all hype with very little produced at the moment. They promised a beta in January which of course they didn’t keep to and it seems a lot of the community is made up of non-technical people that are falling for their marketing strategy and not looking too much into the tech.

It seems they are putting just as much, if not more effort into their marketing than their development. If I was invested in this project I’d be a worried and probably be waiting for the price to rise again to sell.

On the other hand, I’d love to see a similar video like this for The Safe Network, but maybe we are a little early for that and should be waiting to push the advertising more when we are in beta or very close to it.

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