Subcategory: Apps > Algorithms

I’d like to suggest a subcategory to bring together discussions of the algorithmic aspect of applications for SAFE.

Even though I think ‘App’ is a subcategory of the broader term ‘Applications’ I think it is the best overall applications category name, but I think we will need ways to differentiate from what people generally think of when they see ‘Apps’.

I recently created a topic to discuss genetic algorithms which is a branch of machine learning, and can be used to develop new machine learning algorithms which are not genetic at all. So it would be good to have a subcategory where associated algorithmic things accumulate together, that is not mixed up with “mobile apps”, “web apps” etc., which can I think stay under ‘Apps’ without their own subcategories.

An alternative subcategory for this instance would be “machine learning”, but then we need others for non ML which I don’t think is helpful.