Stupid Republican lies about the cost of Universal Health Care and Free Tuition

We had these things before, we need the people who stole these things from us to pay for it imnediatly eventhough it means they will lose everything.

Until 70 we essentially had universal health care and free tuition covered by county hospitals and public higher education. It wasn’t compatible with the program of theiving wages and increasing debt to get control so the difference was put in the pockets of an increasingly useless and inbred capital class. In 1970 labor took in 75% of the income as it had by agreement since late 1920s. The earlier agreement would have left capital with almost nothing as bank loans and reasonable bakruprtcies can replace the need for a capitalist income. But they begged on their hands and knees and were able to get to pocket a quarter of an extended work week- it had been extended from a resonable proposed 28 hrs a week to 40 hrs to support their fat. So for 30 years up to 1970, 25% was going to a theiving sit-on its-ass capital class and 75% going to hard working innovative workers who did all the work. Since 1970 labor is 4x more productive but instead of increasingly useless capital’s share being rationally scaled back to 1% or 2% or 0% it was more than doubled to its 2008 census level of 66% and labor had its share more than cut in half with the freedom destroying insults of loss of pensions, universal health care, free tuition. Wages were de-indexed , social security de- indexed, media became bought and paid for and captured, the so-called corporate media or sponsored media is censorship based and the opposite of free speech and free press, its censorship based and its led to rigged elections and the accurate charge of plutonomy and oligarchy replacing democracy with rule by money and inherited wealth (idiotic death tax claimes, king and queen nepotism presidents.) To distract from these crimes there is the constant outward focused emphasis on the actions of the of the new terroristic surveilance police state. Vote for us so we can promise to keep you safe from our terror and scapegoat the poor some more. Think of the loss of privacy and real security. Listen to them argue about how they should be entitled to torture US citizens.

They owe us the difference with every kind of damages imaginable plus interest back 45 years. Let it be a 765 trillion dollar instant tax levy against them plus life prison terms for all involved. They’ve created a system that is literally crimimal and not worth fighting for but only against, they’ve destroyed the US and what is needed is a more pin point Versallies responses aimed just at those responsible. See its easy to pay for because its a debt owed created by the idiots behind the response to the Powell memo. You cannot replace democracy with plantation or reverse the civil war.

Of course, when the population is young and nobody goes to the doctor, everyone can be covered. The Fractional Health Reserve System.

Education: can’t believe you’re whining about that, that is pathetic!

  • Anyone in their right mind would choose to pay (or remain unschooled) rather than be brain washed by the government.
  • Education spending hasn’t changed (, but I guess the education industrial lobby sucks up an ever larger share of what the sheeple sets aside for schooling
  • You’re confusing education with schooling
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I actually like that. But you know. Quality or not still don’t want people in debt over it. And if we weren’t so sick from a junk food agro industry and its pharma based additive helpmate it might be affordable even with many more older folks.