Stupid question: can current website developers/owners move their sites over to MaidSafe and how?

Title pretty much says it all.

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This forum is full of topics about that.
Just search for web site developer.

This was from the post about the first release:

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Another thread


OK, cool. So where does the domain name site if SAFE hosts the site, thats what I dont get?


I’m not quite sure I understand your question, so please clarify if I’m off with my answer…

If you mean once a website is on SAFE how will someone find it… they need to use a special browser plugin, or browser, that understands that when a website address begins with “safe:” instead of the usual “http:”, then the browser needs to get it from SAFEnetwork, and not by the normal methods.

The website publisher chooses a public name under which to make the website available on SAFE (for example “happybeing” or “”) and shares links to this with the “safe:” prefix (for example “safe:happybeing” or “”).

The “domain” part is registered with the network as part of a built in directory (the equivalent of DNS, but entirely decentralised) - see the links posted by @polpolrene above.


That makes heaps more sense. Thanks

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