Stupid Insurance and Oil Industry attacks on self driving cars

The piece of crap insurance industry which is deathly afraid of accident reducing life saving
automated driving systems has no right to pay to lie to the public about the public interest. This kind of thing really should lead to prosecutions.

The oil industry is of course doing the same but the result should be the same. By one estimate self driving cars backed up systems like Uber or the car companies themselves would reduce the number of cars on the road by 18x. That is a lot less traffic and a lot less gas.

These two ultra corrupt industries have to be suspect for engineering crashes. So far the Teslas when 130 million miles without a crash. 90 million is the average. This business that the auto pilot is incorrectly named is also nonsense. Common sense tells people that auto piolet even in planes is exactly the use in which Tesla had in mind. Its only recently that you can take say a 787 and have it fly the entire take off and landing but even then that’s under pilot supervision. To bad for the BS insurance industry that this tech is coming, it is needed it save lives and massively reduces traffic and accidents and injuries. Its is a huge quality of life need. The insurance industry never needed profit to being with they should have been all non profit or limited to bonds. So this little rate jacking Ponzi scheme fraud industry should have absolutely no say. Think of dirty crash causing firms like AIG trying to ridicule Tesla. To hell with that.

Its always the same piece of crap shill rags too. Why would Seeking Alpha and Elecktrek and Daily Beast show up high on the google rankings unless it was bs sponsored placement. It should be libel when its untrue pure propaganda BS paid for by a competitor. If they can link the Kochs to the consumer reports nonsense it should produce a result. Audi too. What nonsense. Its great that they are defending the potential of the system but they just did this article saying that their no road time system is all sophisticated and better than Tesla’s and telling fibs about the number of sensors Tesla uses.

I am concerned that part of the game is to keep the self driving off the model 3. That better never happen. As for lidar, those systems really need to become dirt cheap. As for the US regulator, having bought and paid for types on the commission won’t stop deployment elsewhere in the world.

Hopefully Elon’s Master Plan 2 shuts all this nonsense down for a long time to come. One of the absolute greatest things about Tesla is it is so successful without spending money on advertising- it knows that the ad business more than any other pimps out these public on elections and rule by money plutonomy crap. So the ad rags get angry with it. Its an affront to the sponsor class. That should make us love it more than ever.