*** Structural Violence ***

Spreading enial shattering awareness of the simple concept of “structural violence” is possibly the most powerful thing we can do to end most of the problems in the world currently. When people like John Nichols speak of a jobless economy and a citizenless democracy they are speaking of structural violence. When Democrats and Republicans pursue the terrorism of war of agression regime change these phoney parties are trying to shore of and reinforce structural violence.

With the rise of agrarian society came structural violence. Put very simply structural violence is the condition that forces some people to work and work more so other don’t have to. There are endless excuses for it including asserting it was necessary for culture and technology. Simply making people aware of structural violence is a huge step toward ending it. Regardless of excuses, today there is no way to keep the denial around it from breaking when our cars can drive us to work by themselves when the skill of driving takes more sophistication than most jobs. Increasingly those cars will become robotic and more driven by AI and will take on more of the tasks of society. Regardless, in the face of threshold automation the necessary denial that keeps structural violence viable is evaporating as is the status of elites who are held up by it.

Elites will try to insist on the poor and the victims of structural violence doing more made up busy work but with the charade gone it will hold about as much water as the poor screaming at rich white elites like Paris HIlton to get real jobs or do some actual work. It won’t happen. But the mindset of those on the elite entitled side of structural violence is that if other people are freed from even unnecessary work then a parity situation followed by a tech reset could result in them becoming the victims of structural violence, this is for sure a strong unconscious fear, but on that needs to be made conscious.

The rich would hold on to structural violence as hard as they hold onto their money we saw it with slavery in the American South and it explains things like the rise of Donald Trump. They will see this like becoming comparatively poor. But it doesn’t matter because their structural violence and all the lies and the games that undergird it, like sponsored media, are being made quickly obsolete by automation. People are going to be freed from structural violence in short order, the days of unnecessary servitude and toil are coming to an end as ending this servitude is the the chief utility of technology. Tech end structural violence (like SAFE and BIs) is the most powerful tech there is from a human perspective.

Look at the explanatory power of structural violence. Almost every aim of current Conservatives is aimed at fixing it and reinforcing structural violence. Wanting to raise the retirement age: structural violence. Wanting to convert pensions to phony fraudulent defined contribution status or 401Ks: structural violence. Wanting to reduce the minimum wage and increase working hours: structural violence. Wanting to spread debt through decreasing wages: structural violence. Wanting to kill unions: structural violence. Wanting to deny health care and social security: structural violence. Wanting to get rid of welfare above all: structural violence. Wanting to make sure college is too expensive for most people or requires deep debt: structural violence. Interfering with the right to vote: structural violence. Not wanting to pay for externalities: structural violence. Wanting to effectively allow the rich to tax the poor: structural violence. Insisting that money is speech: structural violence. Moving toward monarchy and facism and the plantation: structural violence.

The welfare rage and the insistence that basic incomes are theft is the purest form of structural violence because both of these directly free people from structural violence. Those who think that structural violence is in place to serve them and that they are being cheated if others are not enslaved by structural violence and its increase, feel retribution coming on against them if the poor are unyoked.

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