Strike pushing Bitcoin into Argentina (following El Salvador)


Lol careful pushing it to too many more governments these days, as Tether Bitfinex guys (biggest crypto owners by farrier) are dumping like all of crypto into oblivion every few weeks.

Already feel super bad for Michael Saylor and El Salvador, at current prices. Super awkward positions to be in right now.

Also, isn’t the company called Stripe? Although Strike might be more appropriate, in El Salvador soon :joy::laughing:

Stripe is different company.

I don’t think Saylor cares his average price per btc is around 30k but even if it goes there he is playing a much longer game.

Bukele is in a less comfortable position and will probably get a whole lot of flak if it drops below his average purchase price, yet if he has conviction which he seemingly has and holds it seems probable that he will have the last laugh.

All that aside what Jack Mallers and Strike are doing for remittance in these countries is amazing and not really related.


Government isn’t involved in Argentina case. It’s just a private solution based on bitcoin for people to preserve their purchasing power.

Situation here is totally different from El Salvador which has no national currency. Argentina has its own currency and the government prints a lot of money which generates a huge inflation. There is no chance it makes Bitcoin legal tender.


Actually, it’s not so much about bitcoin, but the bitcoin network - at least initially.

The primary use of Strike will be to hold digital USD (to retain price stability) and use that for international remittances (over the bitcoin network).

However, bitcoin will be in the wallet also, so it could be seen as a “trojan horse” development leading to more Argentinians holding bitcoin in the future…