Streamlining and Securing the conversion of Paper Applications to Electronic ones - RFC


I have mentioned this project in other contexts:

but dealing with the local (small regional) Council has convinced me that I should put a proposal to the Council to convert their incredibly tedious paper application process into an electronic one - the prospect of having to repeat the previously endured bureaucratic nightmare another 11 times is unimaginable. It also occurs to me that SAFE could be used to secure the operation and at the same time generate SC for me. So far my idea includes:

  • Converting paper applications to conventional web-based processes (this would need some sort of digital signing for the applicants)
  • The Council leasing hardware from me that would be used solely for running SAFE Networking and Vaults (with the option of bringing the management of the project in-house after a period of time)
  • Storing electronic applications (and scanned paper ones) on the SAFE network (this would need securing the access to the software apps and the actual submitted applications for multiple Council employees)
  • Generating SCs for me via the transactions that occur and providing a mechanism for me to bring more people into SAFE project

I will put a submission to Council that they should hire me as a consultant to get this project implemented. If the project is successfully implemented then I have a blueprint for further submissions to other organisations - public and private.

What do people think? Suggestions? Ideas?


I’m not sure when SAFE will be “commercial ready.” It’s premature to propose electronic applications using the SAFE Network.

IF… SAFE does achieve “beta” in the next few months (this year), here are my thoughts…

I think Public IDs on SAFE are unique and could fill the role of digital signing. If not, there are other ways to apply digital signatures.

I assume you want to install SAFE vaults (hardware) at their business location? How do you explain why they need to run the vaults? They only need the client (SAFE Launcher + APP) to access the electronic application.

The easiest way is to upload (PUT) your electronic application to your private library and share the datamap (link) with select Council employees. This allows them to download (GET) the your electronic application. As long as they secure the datamap on their end (do not share with anyone else) the data will remain private.

If “transactions” = “SC reward from GET requests”, then you’ll have to explain why they need to run vaults. The other reward is from PtD (Pay the Developer), which earns you Safecoin every time they use your APP.

You might benefit from finding out about similar, or analogous projects. For example:

Once upon a time the public libraries in Oz had card catalogs. Now, probably all of them have their catalogs online. What organizational events began the process of converting them, and who carried it out? Did some enterprising consultancy propose such a change and how did they pitch it? How long did it take? What lessons would the participants impart, if they had to do it over again?