Strategy/Printers for Cold Storage

Hi guys,

I feel like I’ve learned a lot so far from this very intelligent and informative community. Everyone has given strong tips on storing and protecting my MAID for this long term endeavor. Based on all the advice, I’ve chosen this strategy because I feel extremely comfortable with it. Could you tell me if you think I’ll be ok? Will there be any danger in the years to follow?

I think Jabba may have mentioned this awhile ago in one of the topics. He said he would wait for an old laptop before creating his offline addresses. He would first turn his router off along with the wifi on his computer before creating the offline addresses. He would then print the addresses and the private keys. Then never turn the computer back on. I think that is great and simple enough strategy for a new person like me to understand. So that’s what I intend to do. But I have one slight problem. What printer should I use to print the addresses/keys? Doesn’t a printer have memory? Maybe I’m a little nuts but I want to take all precautions in order to eliminate every single security risk. What printer does the community recommend I use?

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Maye you’re a little too paranoid. As long as your not declaring to your surroundings you have a gazillion safecoins you’re pretty safe going with an offline printer.

Any cheap printer will do. The only way such a printer’s memory is a risk is if the abcs come in with liquid N and read the memory after removing it. But hey they could just take the printed copies.

Its the big printers typically used in businesses that have a hard drive in them and its been done that a thief pretended to service the printer and swapped the hard drive to read all the stuff printed in the previous weeks/months.

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Maybe networked printers haven’t reached Australia yet! Any printer that has a network connection is theoretically vulnerable too - to being hacked over the Internet for example, or if WiFi enabled, directly.

Personally I don’t think a printer is much of a risk, as @neo says, but there are some risks so consider it and whether or not for you need to be extra careful. Certainly the computer you use to generate the keys is more of a concern.


I assumed the circumstances as stated – that is they have been disconnected from any network. But of course you are right about networked printers connected to the network

Thank you for easing my concern! I will buy a very cheap printer from an Office Depot and use it offline to print the addresses and private keys. And then I will store the laptop and printer in a storage bin in my closet so that no one ever uses/turns on the devices again.