Strategic Alliances?

I totally support the idea of @dirvine making a guest appearance on JRE if the opportunity ever presents itself. That would be absolutely incredible for the cause.

Not sure if this is still active?


Hey you read my mind :sweat_smile:

I think though he would need to read up on the network first. From what I’ve seen of his interviews he tends to know a fair amount about the subject matter prior to the interview and prides himself for doing his research. In other words there would need to be some back n forth prior to the interview so he is aware of what it is all about and how it affects people & for example his streaming.

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Here’s one - they’ve even got the name sorted! :joy:

Seriously though, providing secure access to datasets for academics is a good use case for SAFE.

I think I read a headline yesterday that Sir Tim Berners Lee has partnered with Blockstack. Does that open up potential for Maidsafe to partner with Blockstack as well. I’ve been pitching this for ‘soooooooo’ long. How great would it be for SAFE to become the fully integrated and go to storage layer for SOLID and Blockstack.

I know we need to wait for beta and a fully functional product but perhaps initial discussions could begin on this front. This will also allow the experts at Blockstack review SAFE and provide honest feedback for SAFE team to collectively work towards a great solution/final product. Thoughts?

Doesn’t look like anything new has happened, unless I’m missing something. TBL signed up to Blockstack last year and tweeted about it, and for some reason they’re rehashing the story on YouTube