Strapline(s) -> thunderclaps or just encourage a free for all

I wonder given the variety of ideas being suggested that most all of them could be put to twitter etc and have some impact even now.

Some coordinated effort to push the best into thunderclaps - or whatever is the latest flavour of social media spalshing, might raise SAFE’s profile, even while testing.

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I think it´s too early to waste much more time on it. As I have stated elsewhere: we can still change the strapline in the future. Also, while I think that thinking about branding atm is a good choice, it´s also important to note that it is not really a decentralized approach.

P.S.: I have been involved in several branding processes of smaller associations with many participants involved. It was ALWAYS a pita, because people started to have hard feelings about things they normally don´t care about (and have no professional perspective on them), like coloring, setting up a tagline aso. That´s why I think we should have this branding process, but we shouldn´t overestimate the necessity.


Making use of them, would be more useful than more time resolving one that is ‘best’.
There is no one opinion that entirely satisfies everyone.

Agreed, and that´s why I think that SAFE/Secure Access For Everyone will win in the end. The process as @Krekc and the rest of the team proposed it, however, is good because it allows for community feedback and at the same time shows that basically no other proposal receives a comparable support.


That would not be a good thing. If it is to be used as part of branding it should be established and maintained. If we cant come up with the criteria for a good tagline theres a bigger problem here. This is a science and needs professional guidance. It is as crucial to the success of maidsfafe as anything on github.

Probably not…

Probably. You compare Coke to Maid? Hardly a comparison when Coke established themselves with a very effective tagline for years before “adjusting to the times”. Big diff.

It is evidence that such things aren’t necessarily immutable as you claimed. Coke was a commercial success, and they changed their tagline every few years.

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It is only evidence that Coke became successful. You and your examples make no case for changing Maidsafe taglines willy-nilly.

Once again, try reading what I wrote instead of putting words in my mouth. You claimed that “it should be established and maintained”, indefinitely, it seems.

You actually indulge in hyperbole with “it is as crucial to the success of maidsfafe as anything on github.”

Coke’s record proves otherwise. If we put your opinion against Coke’s record then the conclusion to draw seems obvious.

“its seems” to you…

That´s really not how things work. It´s not only Coke. Most enterprises changed their strapline at some point. Why? Because the old didn´t quite work out with what they wanted to convey.

If we cant come up with the criteria for a good tagline theres a bigger problem here.

The reason why we don´t come up with a solution here is because the group here is not a bunch of professional marketeers (and that´s totally fine). As you say…

This is a science and needs professional guidance.

Technically, you are correct. However I disagree that this is

as crucial to the success of maidsfafe as anything on github.

Point is: apparently there is already a strapline that most people go along well and it is SAFE/Secure Acces For Everyone. If that is something people can come along with, fine. Currently it is more important to have a product that runs under this strapline than a strapline to market a non-existant product, at least that´s how I think we should set priorities. Professionals cost money that this product desperately needs to be a product at all. If there was more money in the warchest, I would fully support your argument, but this is unfortunately not the case.

SAFE: Secure Access For Everyone - This tagline works IMO and should be the one. I dont buy the “change the strapline cuz it doesnt works out”. theory and I know its not how it works. The Coke analogy is also not applicable here.

OK, then clarify how long it is supposed to be.

So far, all you have to offer is opinion, devoid of evidence.

I think I have been fairly vocal about my support for ‘secure access for everyone’ however it occurred to me yesterday despite it probably being clear to many others (sometimes I’m slow that way :smirk: )

My realization was SAFE will always be the acronym for Secure Access For Everyone and that it will remain in place regarless of the strapline.
My initial thought was that it would disappear.

My new view is that it works like this.
The SAFE Network (The Secure Access For Everyone Network)
Followed by our newly found strapline. Share your drive :wink: or whatever we vote on.

I’m somewhat less concerned about it being the strapline now that I feel it won’t be abandoned.
(If that is how it will be worked)


wins be default, in that it will always be the root of ‘SAFE’. The strapline could be something else and still that phrase would be acknowledged.

If ‘Secure Access For Everyone’ is the principal sentiment that is considered will have biggest impact, then I doubt there will be much disagreement for its being the one true strapline.

Still back to the OP… the thought is that any or all of the strapline could be used. If there is formal advertising then some consistency is useful but this is a decentralised network… let the message be communicated in whatever ways are most effective. Different thoughts and motivations appeal to different people.


That’s, of course, a fair opinion. Yet it is an opinion.

Haven’t seen an argument why it shouldn’t.

Good point! I also thought that initially.


I totally forgot that it was a contest, since I was just having fun. But the mediocrity of the preliminary results tends to support my view that such things, in the current context, are popularity contests rather than gradings on quality.

Not a bad selection going forward to vote though… SAFE Network Strapline - Final Vote

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