Storj raises $30m, Maidsafe is so overlooked in the market

Maidsafe is too self-centered and low profile? How comes that Maidsafe raised barely $2m for almost 1 month and this supposedly less sophisticated project like Storj able to raised $30m within 3 days.

Because it is operational, simple enough for most to understand and doing a lot of ‘here’s a product’ based publicity?

SAFEnetwork is still in development, a much bigger deal but hard to grasp, hard to believe really.

A better time to compare will be when we have test SafeCoin, or better still, real SafeCoin :slight_smile:


Perhaps, but they are engineers working on building the thing for now. Once it has been built we might expect a different and bigger ecosystem to evolve around it. Maidsafe also had their BttF raise long before this bubble of crypto boom-time.

It’s not ‘supposedly’ less sophisticated. It is on a whole other level. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s like a comparison between an established bicycle company signing a deal with a big distributor and getting more investment, next to a capital round for the development of of fully autonomous vehicles. They may both relate to transporting people about, but the implications, complexity and risk involved in each project couldn’t be much more different.

SAFE is not in competition with Storj, Sia, Eth or any other crypto imo. It has a unique value and risk proposition.


Storj looks @ investors trends, most crowdsales are primarily Ethereum based now and ERC20 tokens makes it easy to distribute tokens (I hope to God that you can just send SAFEcoins to MutableData and receive tokens as easy, this is really the way forward). Raising millions within weeks is commonplace and due to earlier investments appreciating investors got even extra money to invest. 1 Gnosis tokens was sold for $30 now it’s $217.69, that’s an 8X growth so enough ammo to continue investing in your next crowdsale.

bitcoin gave Ethereum value, Ethereum gives it’s ERC20 tokens value whenever people invest.

Maidsafe is focused on code, that’s what matters and not how much money you raise. Not that I’m that super smart, but when you ask these questions it becomes clear that investors are not insightful.

  • How come that a coin with an available supply of 452M be in the top10 for two years at a price of below $0.40? Only NEM is below $0.40 and in the top10, but when you look at there available supply it becomes clear why? Almost for 1.5 year Maidsafecoin was basically a stable money because it didn’t move.

I’m planning a Maidsafecoin exclusive crowdsale, if I can get some “Adult supervision :stuck_out_tongue:” for my project and luckily our product is operational and not SAFE Network depended, but I just love the SAFE Network so eventually it will be the home of our project.


Agree 100% - and IMO this is a little problematic for Maidsafe, especially the “hard to believe"part. No doubt in my mind Maidsafe has awesome tech and an awesome team and has great potential, and Im also a believer the tech will work - eventually. Theres a reason Maidsafe didnt raise $2M in 3 hours on BTTF or set “another” record as they did in 2014 - It’s that old saying " Ya never get a second chance to make a first impression” IMO Maidsafe can do better addressing the “hard to grasp” part of your comment and in order to do that they need to step back- and from another perspective- look at how the world sees them. A hint may be from @JuanSGalt someone who has been in the space for 4 years, prolly reads every publication, every day and comes here and is clueless as to what Maidsafe is about. Is that his fault? No, even tho some here unfairly slammed him, its Maidsafe fault.

Im not sure Maidsafe should - or can afford - to wait that long before really digging into a full frontal marketing attack re-inventing the face of Maidsafe. This is historic Risk-On investing like no other time and it will pass, and IMO never return. This is another 1999 dot com boom. Seize it.

Im not saying “hurry up” Im saying “pretty up” because IMO and unfortunately, time erodes.


I agree with this, but I can’t work out if it is just the anxious investor in me that really wants to see Maidsafe recognised to put my mind more at ease.

I think my judgement has become clouded by my own bias and situation. I’ve been thinking the same thing for the last few weeks. But surely it can’t be coincidence that I’m thinking it since the crypto-boom really took off?! :confounded: I can find all kinds of ways to justify more marketing and fanfare, but I think I might just be looking for reasons to back the argument I want, for my own selfish reasons.

Meh, I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway. I do have faith that the team only have the project’s best interest at heart and they’re smarter and better placed than me, so I guess I should just be glad that it isn’t my call to make. :sweat_smile:


Qtum is another project that raised more than 15m in an hour or so, they initially planned to launch the Qtum coin in Sep but have decided to take advantage of this bull market and decided to start their coin trading today. Smart company needs to adjust to circumstance and hope maid could learn from it. Bull market is our friend not enemy.

The SAFEnetwork is not about the coin. Full Stop. This is a project developing a new network replacing the current internet. Considering the time it took to develop the current internet and subsequent Web, its not surprising that the SAFE network cannot be thrown together in a year or two.

It will take time

SAFEcoin is only introduced to have incentives and a way to control spamming the network’s resources. Most other projects start with the coin and come up with a idea to use the coin, They may convince themselves/others that it was the other way around.

Maidsafe started before the current crypto coin environment had existed. This is one reason the coin is not marketed by Maidsafe like you see with all the other coins out there.

If you look at how BTC started, it was developed first then when it was operational it grew. The alt coins marketed their coin then developed. Maidsafe is mostly develop first and the coin was introduced as a method to solve a problem in human nature.

That is a major reason Maidsafe is not like the other Alt coins, simply because Maidsafe & SAFE are not like them.


Yes it does matter. Complacency is a killer and quite evident IMO. Asking Maidsafe some tough questions is not a problem. Disagreeing with strategy is not a problem. Offering solutions is not a problem. Saying it really doesnt matter IS a problem.

I think it’s more a matter of prioritisation than complacency about any individual issue. And by ‘it doesn’t matter’, what I meant was that my own internal struggle to draw any conclusion doesn’t matter, since it isn’t my call to make. I am also thankful that my opinion is not particularly important given I carry a lot of personal bias to mislead me.

If MaidSafe were looking to raise funds these kind of comments would be more valid, but IMO MaidSafe are right to stay focused on the technical challenges and get the technology working. If they do this, there will be a massive payoff for investors who stick with the project until then - provided MaidSafe survive and can continue to fund development.

I have full confidence in the business skills of David and Nick in this respect - just from watching what they’ve said and done while this community was getting edgy about them running out of funds over the year before the BTTF funding round. They were incredibly unruffled, businesslike, and remained masters of the situation, obtaining the funds they felt were adequate on the terms they wanted, without chasing bigger bucks at a cost to the long term goals they believe in. Here I’m referring to them rejecting offers from VC’s for example.

Those that want to chase the bubble are welcome to do so, but beware it is easy to get burned. Also, please realise that maximising returns isn’t MaidSafe’s raison d’etre, so if you don’t yet get this I think you might be backing the wrong project. MaidSafeCoin will probably give investors a very good return, but the project might fail (though having got to know David through this forum I hesitate to suggest that :slight_smile:). So the priority is to ensure that it succeeds technically rather than follows the market cap bubble of other projects.

These crypto market caps are mostly unrealistic IMO, a product of the herd to some degree, but I suspect much of it is simply inflated value of other crypto being invested in seed startups that then get inflated value. And then again. And then again. It looks to me a classic reselling inflation bubble and if that’s the case when it pops it well be a hard landing, many projects will be penniless and investors will lose their investments in them.

That goes for MaidSafeCoin holders too because the market won’t see the difference… until SAFEnetwork is functioning. At that point it will stand out by a mile and SafeCoin values will decouple from bubbles and crashes elsewhere. MaidSafeCoin is dependent on blockchain projects for its market valuation, but SafeCoin is not. Think about that.

What is most important is to ensure that MaidSafe as a company can survive a massive crypto crash if it comes - IMO they should be selling into the bitcoin rally to cushion them if it drops hard. But I’m confident they will will have thought about this and have better ideas than me on how to handle it - as they’ve demonstrated while securing investment.

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But it is about the coin. It’s about the original crowdsale maidsafecoin, future safecoin, BTTF and the next round of financing that could well come. Its about investor confidence. Maybe its not an ICO play right now but replacing the internet will take years and years and years and will take endless amounts of cash to keep the doors open. Its about the traction that can come now, taking advantage of a flush investor pool, peaked interest in these new technolgies and having Maidsafe standout. Im not suggesting Maidsafe do a raise or pump their coin. Im suggesting Maidsafe take advantage of the frenzy, leverage the frenzy. Focus on the relevence it brings.

That is so limiting the network being built and reducing it all to money.

The point is that when the network is built the coin will rise in value. If you get Maidsafe to promote the coin then the network development will suffer and it becomes a race to hyping rather than the network.

It is a really narrow minded perspective to see the network being about the coin. It is ever so much more, man its the new internet being build.

Funding will occur when investors see development proceeding and really do we want future investors who are after a profit and demand product before its stable? Or do we want future investors who are wanting the next internet to be built that rivals the current and then see coin value rise?

I know which future investor I want to invest. Even if it means hype money goes elsewhere and results in lower incremental future investors.

You said if?

So I say, smart to count on it now

So its When Maidafe is looking to raise funds…

Zactly my point. And its survival is more than about managing money today.

Dont take my post out of context. Im completely confident the tech will work.

I trust David and Nick’s judgement on whether they should be raising funds by hyping the coin or focusing on other areas. I also agree with their apparent choice.

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Not asking for MS to promote the coin. I agree its bad. I say its “about the coin” because its about investor confidence to fund it through to the end. They awareness factor is zero.

You dont know that, you hope that. Show me the intersection, on a calender, of “investor confidence” and “we need money”

what’s wrong with hyping the maidsafecoin or the maidsafe project? we are competing for attention, capital and talents. I don’t see all these coming along without some sort of hype (take Ethereum as example). I don’t think all projects have the equal rights to hype itself, hypeness is the attractiveness of the project itself. Ability to hype around is a competitive advantage, if you really want to rebuild the internet and you can’t hype this concept, it just proves either you are heading towards a totally wrong direction or delusional and too self-centered and have no touch of reality.

Thats the trader attitude, not a project engineer attitude. When a project starts hyping we see mistakes, product released before its ready. Other crypto projects have suffered from this. The largest ever crypto project died because it was all hype and a simple hack destroyed it and caused a hard fork in the supporting blockchain.

This is the sort of thing hyping does, it causes releases prior to being ready to be able to met the expectation of people who insist for quick money rather than to support the actual product.

And see what hyping did to its quality. I won’t go into what hyping did to its quality and lesser product than what it could have been without the hype. Its about money and wanting quick money and always causes problems.

Not till you have something to hype. SAFE is not there yet.

Let history be your teacher. The original internet was around for 2 decades and about to fail till momentum (and porn) got it over that. Then there was no need to hype it, it took off like a rocket. And don’t take that as I expect it to be 2 decades. Its just a lesson from History

So no

Are we, since when. I doubt there is a need to compete, there is enough room. This project is making the new internet and started out before there was a crypto market, why should they change tracks now. When they needed more funds they were able to raise sufficient funds from those who want the product to work

So I am not buying the claim that

What planet are you from? All those attributes you ascribe to someone who doesn’t agree with you that hype is a good thing, or a priority right now!

Maybe if you were frank and open about why you are so intent on hyping the coin I could understand, but without that context you don’t make sense to me. Are you desperate?

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so you are all happy that maidsafecoin slipping into 22nd place from no.6? what a mindset you guys have, losing market shares is something you appreciate about? don’t tell me that you all don’t care about market cap, that’s hypocrite. Maidsafe losing its market position because there must be something wrong. I don’t mean we need to aggressively hype maidsafe, but your ambition to rebuild the internet even receive less market respect(market value) than doge, all these just make every maidsafe backer wonder what the heck is wrong, that’s the greatest irony in the past decade.

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