Storj minimum requirements

  • 1 Processor Core
  • Minimum 500GB of available disk space
  • Minimum of 2TB of available bandwidth a month
  • Minimum upstream bandwidth of 5 Mbps
  • Minimum download bandwidth of 25 Mbps
  • Maximum down time of 5 hours a month

Do you think SAFE will have lower requirements than this to run a vault?

Would your current spare resources be enough to run a storj node?

Note that 2TB per month of bandwidth comes out as 6.17 Mbps (or 6.79 Mbps if based on TiB).

I could run a node with my spare resources but am not because running a node requires me to submit my email to storj.


I currently have 4 nodes, all on 1 computer, with virtual machines, my internet is 80 mbits. @mav If you want, I can generate an identity for you and send it to you :dragon:

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Not sure, but it’s great to see some stats or requirements like this. They have run a few tests so we can make use of these as a guideline. Perhaps this is a decent start “guess” for us right now. Of course with node age etc. then perhaps we are more granular, or at least reward more the better uptime etc. but we will see. They seem to be also covering folk with bandwidth caps and I suspect that is quite a USA focus. However all good info


They changed this today. Now you can get Auth Token with a mock-up (not real) email:

Auth Token Service
We are replacing the old auth token service with a new one ( ). The new service should work in all browsers even with adblocker enabled. There is a captcha on the new page. If you don’t see it you might have to enable the corresponding java scripts.
The auth token is getting displayed directly on the page. No waiting for an email that might or might not arrive. You can go on and sign your identity immediately.