Storj - Metadisk up and running


Metadisk has claimed to be the world’s first blockchain-based decentralized file-sharing app and you can test it now by following this [link][1].

Introduction video:



Has storj actually worked with the MaidSafe team since July? Or is this a fallacy?


I think more to do with giving advice than actually working together.


Hee thanks for sharing @hamiltino.

The GUI is sleek and it looks super easy. (this is how it should be done)

Ooh keee my stupid consumer feedback.

  • Too bad that I don’t have a file preview or prelisten (if the even makes sense)
  • Too bad that I can’t delete the file (yeah I know it’s blockchained LOL), imagine uploading your celebrity nude pic and it just being there FOREVER, forever ever, forever ever

The feature I’m really drooling for, from all these services is hosting a free website, but with NO MIDDLE MAN. so no site44

If I can just upload all the file to my website and update them.

Maybe also worth noting, is the approach of companies offering storage right now and Maidsafe could start profiling itself as the place to go for storage. This article about Box approach is really interesting.

@nicklambert Maybe in the future we should have a Maidsafe storage offering for companies. The Box article makes it clear that one terabyte is the new normal. What if we had an offer of 1 terabyte for FREE for the first 1000 companies, willing to try Maidsafe? Yeah I would put my storage where my mouth is and shelf out 2 terabyte for a campaign like this.


Interesting… I think to attract companies we would need to add some additional features as organisations, particularly large ones, may require to manage their employees access to specific files. I think companies value space, but probably value accessibility and security more. I think we will have quite a lot of ammunition on our marketing arsenal.