Storj downstream beta test

Started a day ago. Currently 80 active nodes.

does this mean you can farm storj coins?

I don’t believe so.

On their forum they say:

Who is Test Group A for
This is our first software beta and there may be technical problems and issues. Ideally we would prefer power-users, willing to deal with the problems and give us feedback. Users not willing to go through technical issues, troubleshooting, and actively provide feedback, should participate in later test groups.
There will be no SJCX rewards for participants.
We will not be loading users’ hard drives with data yet, only 100-byte test files.

I’m a Storj core dev so can answer questions if anyone has them.

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Is that post that I quoted still current?

Yes. We have some more info here as well.

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I’m getting a 404 error when I click on the link.

EDIT: works now!

Should be fixed. Had a trailing slash that shouldn’t have been there.

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Not real ones, it’s more like testnet w very minuscule amounts of data at the moment. Very simple to get started though as binaries are prebuilt and config easy (1 json file w 3 rows ).

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Is this thing running MaidSafe software?

No, Storj is based on a Counterparty asset.

@kirkion that’s where it’s listed, but it’s unrelated to how the s/w works.
@dallyshalla, no, it’s not based on MaidSafe s/w.

SJCX, the token we use, is a Counterparty asset, but we store file metadata on blockchains (and will likely be using Factom as we move forward).

Hmmm, I thought that a Counterparty asset, was a cryptocurrency that you could set a certain level of arbitrary rules for, but it was essentially based on the Bitcoin blockchain.

My understanding of Storj is that, that is their permanent asset, and that its not a placeholder like Maidsafecoin. So I think its more than just listed on Counterparty.

@EmergentBehavior explained above.

Compared to MaidSafe SJCX is more similar to SAFE than to MAID.
But as EB explained, that’s just the token part, while metadata of things stored on the network are a different thing.