Storj Beta Update

One of the Maidsafe community members, dallyshalla, asked me to give a quick update on what we are doing. I’m a little hesitant, but I’ll give it a try.

Team just came back from Berlin, where we attended Decentralized and Encrypted, with IPFS and Edward Snowden. Got to talk to Edward for a little bit which was super cool. Seems like many projects are jumping on the bandwagon of a decentralized and private web, which is good for everyone. Maidsafe gets more hipster points than Storj though, you guys have been at it since 2006.

We launched our open beta the following day, which you can checkout at Our core focus is to provide easy to use tools for developers to build apps on top of a decentralized storage network. We provide a service we call Bridge (that the service you sign up on the website), which helps simply that process.

We are currently storing 78.2 GiB on through the Bridge. One of the community members is pushing about ~0.5 TB of data a day directly to nodes on the network (not sure how much this adds up to because its directly to the network). Everything is free right now, and encourage you to try it out and let us know if you find any bugs.

Happy to answer any questions you might have.


Glad you came through to let the group know. As a Safe Network community member I think it’s great to hear about all projects putting a shot on goal pushing for privacy and decentralizing data storage and such.

We should not be alienating any projects pushing for successful decentralization of the web.

Cheers Shawn, good luck to the future, and hope more good things continue to happen. And let us know about them too


Hmmm, bandwagon has a negative connotation. What about decentralized and private party bus instead?


cool you came here - and sounds brilliant :slight_smile: i will probably have a closer look into your project when i have more spare time =)


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Congratulations Storj on a succesful Beta launch! Good luck on the road ahead.


There seems to be an uptick in the acrimony in this place recently…

@panda you don’t need to buy their coin to participate in the beta.

Did before though, or technically that was not a beta maybe. Nevertheless anyone who wanted to try the software and receive rewards for helping out had to buy tokens worth several hundred dollarz = fact

You know this, dunno why your arguing.

I’m not arguing, I am clarifying the point that you don’t need to buy the storj coins to participate in the beta. In the past you did, but that is not the case anymore.

What do you except? Lol, like people who believe in Btc can’t even get along. How do you think going to a competing project and promoting your own stuff will go down? :slight_smile:

It has nothing to do with acrimony. It it laughable and just have to be pointed out. And btw, what is there to be jealous of. StorJ has barely appreciated in value, for very good reasons.

@panda, this is not about a coin; it is about a decentralized storage solution that reached a beta, should be no problem posting here, a decentralization community.

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True, I just assumed he had to mean the coin, given the fact that StorJ is pretty much inferior to SafeNet from a technical standpoint.

In a way I agree and sortof it can be justified in that SafeNet is sortof the flag bearer for decentralized storage. However, I just get so ticked of by StorJ and the way they go about everything. Lol. Like they even had to be shady in this post. They can’t just be straight once. Everything has to be half truths and curtains.

In the end Storj has the same goal as maidsafe. I want easily accessable centralized encrypted storage. No need to be hating.
Those vested in maid won’t leave becaise of a forum post

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Someone made a technical update here on a project. That’s fine. People are free to praise, criticize or whatever, but let’s keep it a bit civil. I removed one reply that wasn’t in line with the forum guidelines.


ight, fair enough. I will bow down :wink:

True. I just want us to be mindful that emotions and hurt feelings can often disrupt an otherwise good thing. That’s not really pointed at anyone in particular. Trolls should be identified and swiftly banned. The less distractions the better imo.
I come here for updates on this network, and yet lately much of what I see is bitter back and forth. Again, not directed at anyone in particular.

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I have one! Thanks for Storj and thanks for taking questions. Btw…we have discussed in the past (civilly of course) that I don’t particularly believe it’s decentralized when you encourage centralized API use, but no need to rehash that here.

I am doing some research and my question is loosely related around the thread at Unencrypted Data Question. Specifically, does Storj encourage or offer any supported ability to store public data (i.e. data that can be retrieved by anyone but only updated by you as opposed to just giving out your decryption key)? If they do, does Storj offer those “drive share” users any plausible deniability to prevent them finding out that they may have a piece of this otherwise public data? I haven’t found a system that offers this, so if Storj provides anything unique here, I’d love to know. Thanks.


Congrats Shawn. Pleased to see great progress, I noticed that you were presenting at the conference, looked like an excellent event.