Storing Persistant Pointers to Safe Objects

This post is a little on the technical side, but I wanted to raise the issue here as well as on the dev forum because this forum gets a little more traffic. Basically, I want to see if anyone has had any luck storing any sort of persistent pointer to a non-file object on the safenet. It seems like the right way to do this with the safe launcher is to use the data-id serialization endpoint. Unfortunately, in my experience that endpoint does not work. I know that the ultimate solution will be to switch to the new authenticator/native-lib workflow, but I want to see if anyone has had personal experience manipulating anything that behaves like an XorName using the REST api.



I hope they delete the Dev Forum :stuck_out_tongue: Really couldn’t get anything done on there.

I think the better solution would be for the developers to subscribe to the dev categories so they can keep watch on that without being bothered with the other types of discussions.

Because everyone only comes here anyway