Storing maid without 2fa

can i store maid without using 2fa. i dont have a smart phone and i dont want to use desktop 2fa

Yes. You can use any bitcoin wallet to store your MAID.

Just make sure the address starts with a “1” and you will need a omni-protocol aware wallet to send your coins anywhere. And since the omni-protocol uses very tiny BTC transactions you will need some BTC stored at the exact same address as the MAID.

but wont it get mixed up with bitcoin?

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Nope. The omni-wallet core bolts onto the bitcoin core and uses the omni-protocol information sent with the tiny BTC transaction to hold the amounts of each omni-protocol token.

Its been working for years now without any issues like that

could i send maid to my trezor and if so how?,


Only if you have the private key to the address you send it to and the address starts with “1”.

But the general answer is NO its not wise to send it to a trezor (unless you know how to get private key for the address)