Storing data on MaidSafe Safe Network

Hello everyone. I am creating my own NFT which will represent data stored on the SafeNetwork. How can I store data on SafeNetwork? I cant find any data regarding that, any clues?


You know were not live yet right?
Its still being coded.
We have reguar community networks, but no uploaded data will be permanent as yet.


weird, because Your token has been traded since 2014. so in 8 years you still dont have a product?

No one has anything like what Safe Networks is trying to do. So stay with us and read more about the development here or visit us in a year or two:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Ethereum has been live for a long time. They don’t really have a good working product despite hundreds of millions of dollars in investment. Their transaction (gas) prices are sky high and their development of Eth 2.0 is years in the making with no definitive timeline for completion.

Bitcoin has little use beyond storage of value. It’s purported use as a currency is pretty much non existent, except in a few small countries. It’s transaction fees are still high, and power usage is astronomical on a global scale.

Iota has made promises, hundreds of millions in investment, still has not materialized into anything all that useful as a platform.

Cardano just fell flat on its face in its last big test, crashing its value, despite having a large team and hundreds of millions in investment.

Need I go on?

Maidsafe has been operating on a shoestring budget, comparatively, and has put out some impressive decentralized test networks. They are farther along the idealized goals of “Web 3.0” than any project out there.


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