Store SEC coins same as maidsafe?

Where can we store or SEC coins ? can this also be done in Omniwallet as maidsafe coins ??

Quite simply Yes.

SEC also has its own forum at which you might be able to gain more information about SEC

Yes this can also be stored in Omniwallet {security note: Omniwallet doesn’t have 2fa)

Or you could store it on a wallet ( or that give you access to your privatekey and has 2fa.

Is it possible to store SEC coins on ?

Yes it’s possible and after you send your SEC from an exchange to your address, you can watch your SEC by entering the address on

Sidenote: it might take some time before you see it, due to the bitcoin networks speed of transaction. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS not to make people emotional, but I get so emotional when I read these messages about bitcoin companies and I just can wait untill I can switch over to services on the SAFE Network.

I would go with offline wallet generators such as or use Armory wallet and generate key pairs offline, and back them up to paper; Many resources out there to use armory offline and securely…,

SEC coins work the same as maidsafecoin in terms of they are omni assets

i would not use


But how do i send my SEC coins to ?? i don’t really understand i am rarely new with this.

If you import a private key into armory will all omni based tokens be moved? And I’m assuming it’s easy to get the private key on armory as well so when the network is up we can provide a priv key on safex

The tokens are actually on the blockchain records. Your address(&priv key) are simply indexes into the blockchain to operate on those values. public key means you can view balance and receive. priv key allows you to move your coins.

So when you import your private key into a wallet it allows the wallet to view/receive/send coins to/from that public address.

The answer to your question is YES, when you import the private keys into a omni protocol aware wallet the coins will show up.

OR have I explained all this to someone who knows and you were asking if “Armory” is omni protocol aware. Sorry if this is the case, as I do not know if Armory is or not.

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Go to bitaddress, generate a pairing of keys (private and public).

Then you can just send all your coins to that address/public key, whatever type of coin. Just keep a paper copy of that private key really safe :slight_smile:

When it comes time to use your coins simply import that private key into omni wallet (literally a case of clicking ‘import’ and entering your key).

I thought it was really complicated until i did it the first time. It’s ridiculously easy really. Just do a practice one with a couple of coins so you feel happy when you send your real wedge to a proper one done offline with armory etc as dally/neo suggested.

What I mean is if you import a priv key several times (because of your explanation) the Omni coins may not be visible in a non omni aware wallet but are still there. Only if you plan on sending a particular amount of omni type coins would you need an omni aware wallet, correct? So theoretically I can import my priv key to any address as long I don’t plan on sending omni anywhere? Thanks @neo :smile:

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Sounds like you got it.

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