StoragePedia: An Encyclopedia of 5 Blockchain Storage Platform


An In-depth Comparison of all major Distributed Storage Platforms


That’s a very detailed article. Thanks for posting. I’m guessing from your username you’re the author?


That was a great article, probably the best I’ve read on maid.


great article. IIT is a very renowned institute. Perhaps MAIDSAFE team could hire some interns from there. It is also a world renowned institute to partner with.


Excellent and rather in-depth indeed.
The part of the group size being between 8 and 22 is out of date, I think.


Well, it’s approximately valid for a network with default value for min_section_size (8). It may go higher than 22 if the 2 halves of the section are unbalanced.

Also it’s now called a section instead of a group, but that’s not really important.


Yes, I am the author of this article. Glad that you liked it. You can check out more of my articles here:


Glad that you liked the article.


Actually, I run my own startup and we are incubated at MIT Cambridge Innovation Center. You can check out us here:


Thanks for the heads up. I will change it accordingly.


Nice article. Great to see another great in-depth one.

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