Storage of Government data

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I’ve been reading all about the SAFE Network and I had a question related to government owned data.

It’s a requirement here that all government data stays on government soil. It can’t be stored outside of the country.

Are there possible ways this could be realised on the SAFE Network? the ability to geographically specify where data is stored?

In a word, no.

No one knows where any chunk of data is stored on the network, and each chunk will have multiple copies. So it’s certain that a file of any size will be spread pretty much all over the network, i.e., all over the world and the location those chunks would be stored in would be subject to moving, though nobody could know where or when, just that they are there when you call for them. Sounds pretty fantastic, but that is the design of the network.


I’d say that once the SAFE network proves it worth and cost savings to the government bodies then there will be a relaxation of those requirements and certain, if not all, data will be allowed to be stored on SAFE. But don’t count on it.


The government could create its own private Network though. All vaults staying on government infrastructure within geographic limits


True, they certainly could.

But then its not the SAFE network is it :wink:


Yeah, it’d be more of a SAFG network.

But governments deserve access to secure communications too; so it could have a place if they are bound by legislation that hasn’t caught up with the whole encryption concept yet.


Thanks everyone!

So would it be a possibility to start a separate network and interface it with the main SAFE network?

There is always the hope that in the long term government would come on-board, but I think we need a pathway to migrate there, and using a SAFG network on government soil would be a step in the right direction.

No. It would be a separate network.

Issues with

  • address clashes. Data in MDs/ADs could potentially have clashes in addresses.
  • Govn would have no safecoin
  • Other parameters may have been tailored for the government network precluding it from joining
  • Such things as elders would also be an issue. How does the main network know if the nodes in the govn network might be bad actors as far as the SAFE network is concerned. They may have code to allow direct control by government network administrators added to the nodes.
    • If you then joined the 2 networks then the government nodes could end up in the other sections as elders and eventually kick out other nodes without the node control code.

Thanks for your quick responses!

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I like the idea of the Feds embracing decentralization for a change.