Storage miners need to deposit filecoin as a collateral in order to conduct hosting service

it says storage miners(farmers in safenet) should deposit collateral. I wonder whether it will be same in safenetwork?

You need to give context. There is nothing like this in the SAFE network or even suggested.

SAFE sites are capable of being created by anyone and the files are stored on the network

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All you need to do to farm SafeCoin is install a vault and meet some TBD minimum bandwidth and responsiveness threshold (ie enough to be contributing something useful to the network).

You won’t though earn SafeCoin right away, you also have to demonstrate good faith by serving up data and building credibility for a while and then… you will begin to earn. And the faster you satisfy data requests the higher your chance of farming a SafeCoin.

So, no collateral, just proving you can and will contribute resources (ie proof of resource).


okay thanks where is the filecoin in the view finder?

Okay agreed filecoin set up and have omni wallet thanks

thanks happybeing. We are considering farming business in Asia. Thank you for clarification. I guess we may contact time to time. :slight_smile:

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