Steven Greer and alien stuff

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Yeah maybe we will get at all that stage 0 society (us) meets stage 300 society that Dr. Steven Greer is always going on about.
Update- if its not NASA then maybe not, but maybe so.

Steven Greer is either the real deal or a certified nut case. I have read his first book and wow.

Those are not the only two alternatives.

I doubt that there are ETs visiting the Earth, because 1. the evidence presented is always anecdotal and unverifiable, and 2. the Fermi “Paradox” (if ETs exist then we shouldn’t be here at all).

And there is evidence that some official narratives, on a range of subjects, are lies.

So it is not impossible that the promotion of UFOs has always been a psyop.

Yeah sure… but in a Universe this size none of those things are mutually exclusive. Kangaroos only exist naturally in Australia… but they have been taken elsewhere into breeding programs and into zoos and no doubt one day well into the future they will be cloned in other parts of the world. So if you ask the question you must take into consideration perspective of time and location.

If I went back 200 years and I showed you a picture of a Kangaroo and we were in Japan, you’d swear blind this creature did not exist.

I believe 100% undoubtedly sentient intelligent beings exist in this Universe. But I also believe that 99.9% of UFO photo, video and tales are either hoaxes or something else e.g. who would me more interested us than us? I think there is a very good chance some of these things are future humans, who knows maybe future tourists?

I also think if your an advanced civilization you no doubt have advanced AI and your not going to risk the life of your people sending them through worm holes or folding space-time just to check out another civilization your probably going to send AI drones, heck who knows maybe even semi biological AI systems or maybe they are completely autonomous AI from our own future or from other galaxies and start systems. Who really knows?

What you think a grey is just going to land on your front lawn, knock on your door and say “Excuse me, could you please get your phone so you can video tape me then take me to your local media outlet so I can do a press release that yes there is in fact intelligent life in the universe.” Also what in the world is the fermi Paradox? But from what you described of it it sounds bogus. If aliens existed we shouldn’t be here at all? Why? Why does our being here or not being here depend on there being intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos? Does one’s existence depend on one having neighbours or not? Considering how many stars there are in the universe it’s actually rather arrogant to believe we’re the only intelligent life in the universe. Now whether said intelligent life resembles us in any way that’s a different question entirely. We could end up talking to giant sentient mushrooms for all I know.

Why are you guys talking about aliens on a topic about NSA?
Wth dudes

Lol I have no idea how the topic of aliens came up. Though I suspect it does have something to do with the NSA given the two are kind of intertwined. But the video was cool.

As for the OP I have to wonder about the hacker’s motives. If he wanted to help humanity or whatever, stick it to the man, so to speak wouldn’t it make more sense just to leak all data without asking for money? And if he wanted profit wouldn’t a blackmail agenda or at least smaller release make more sense? Auction off each piece of data one at a time to the highest bidder.

A common but incorrect application of probability. Probability is calculated from a population of events/things, that are a subset of another population of events, such as cards in a deck, people of a certain height, results of a coin toss. ET is nothing like that, it is non-science and guesswork from a null sample.

EDIT: Actually, there are some samples that we can work with, just not ETs: We have multiple examples of terrestrial (i.e., stony, roughly earth-sized) planets just in our own solar system. That means they’re common throughout the galaxy. We know that extremophile microbes can live in harsh conditions (such as hot springs, in rock that is miles underground, around undersea vents) and that ejecta from asteroid impacts lands on other planets (Martian meteors found in Antarctica). So microbial life must be ubiquitous. More than that, no-one can say. We could terraform Mars with foreseeable technology, so we will eventually terraform those billions of terrestrial planets in our galaxy.