Step-by-step: the road to Fleming, 3: Sybil resilience simulations

Yes the relation between time and work is fuzzy indeed if for example it’s solely defined by churn, what I meant was that such a relationship could however be defined if deemed appropriate (work influenced by time).


Is there a computer science journal somewhere for research and development of communications systems … preferably decentralized communications systems? IMO this sort of effort deserves to be in such a publication. Of course making a more layman variant for is also a good option.

Thanks for the effort of producing this post/paper Maidsafe team!


I just want to add to the discussion that a malicious actor that has unlimited resources and IQ with the system of “when there is need for more storage we accept nodes” he may buy PUTS and upload junk so the available storage of safe network gets lower + if its a work thing that a node gets age then he may make a private website with the junk where he “accesses”( or downloads) the junk data from other computers and accounts, that the malicious actor uploaded, so his nodes ages + more of his nodes gets approved + those with the same tactic get aged = result one malicious actor with unlimited resources can early on get many nodes on the safe network, those will age and becaume elders

so in this senario a malicious actor may hold the 2/3rds of the elders.

My question though is what can he do if he gets that many elders? can I have an answer? i opened a thread looking for an answer about what if someone owns 2/3rd or even 99% of elders.

Then we are all doomed no matter what!


The probability of this happening would, IMO, be many times of me winning the lottery. Possible but improbable

the more realistic threat would be injection of “bugs” into the code base or broken crypto algorithms (as history has shown NSA (and gchq) are no strangers to those tricks). This is what we need to watch, mass takeover is expensive, obvious and possibly in due course even in contravention of international law, who knows? But it would be just a very expensive vandalism attack as the network is dead as bitcoin et al would be too.

So reproducible builds, great code reviews and more is vital and a more likely attack surface. The likely attack from major agencies will be silent where they manage some way to de-anonymize or decrypt traffic and just use such a decentrlaised network as a huge spying tool.