Step by step guide to download?


Can anyone send a step by step description of how to download the SAFE Network? Thanks!



  1. Join this forum - check
  2. Reach Trust Level 1 - to-do
  3. Wait for the release of alpha 2 (21st September 2017) - coming soon!
  4. Read the Alpha2 release information and follow those instructions

Hope that helps, welcome to the forum.


Thanks happybeing for the step by step guide. Hopefully will soon try out and test Safe for the first time ever. :slight_smile: Have followed the forum since 2014, just need to finally “swalow the blue pill” and then “enter the Matrix”. :wink:


Happy, I am not an IT person. What do you mean by enter 30 topics. Do you mean by creating 30 topics for discussion amongst community?
How do I check if I have read 180 post and 60 mins reading? I am a real dimmy on this. Thanks for help.


Enter means open the topic. Click on a topic in other words.

If you click on the menu at the top right next to your profile image (the 3 horizontal bars) and select users you will see all users activity for weeks/months/ever etc. You will be there.


I may have done it wrongly. I do click on the topic but my summary activity on topic show 20. Is that correct?


It shows zero topics created :wink: your OK there you are at level 1 (basic) by looks of it.


Oh… Thanks David. So that means I can download the software and start playing with the application?


Yes, you should be good to go


Yes, you’re all set. I suggest you wait until the alpha 2 release is posted here later today (no idea what time) and then the join the fun :slight_smile:


Thanks happybeing. You are still the best!! Can’t wait to play it and join in the fun.

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It is a pleasure to have somebody knowledgeable and kind as you as a fellow community member.