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Okay I wanted to share this with all you fine folks. I have a famous artist uncle and I just convinced him to give away 30 pieces of original art on SteemIt. This is also the start of a new project for me called SteemAway. The website will be

I respectfully request your support in testing out this new idea:

Please upvote my post to get his viral and if you think the art sucks, at least you still get $10 from

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I upvoted both your post, through my little brother :stuck_out_tongue:
Your uncle has nice art, but I’m to hung over to further explore…

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Upvote is more than enough, thank you. I’m fascinated by this platform. There is a blockchain model bringing in 10k+ for her post of a steemit photo shoot and then you have a world renowned artist who sells his paintings for 5k but excited to give them away. My speculation is an easy 40k value when he is gone and they look great on your wall. He wants to give them away and all people have to do us vote enough for Steemit to reward 2k, but he is stuck at ~$50.

I think the concept is almost there…just seems to be one tiny thing missing?

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I think it’s a brilliant plan to sell that way, through upvotes.

Not to sound to happy happy joy joy, but maybe your uncle could also post his work on

In this case he would just get bitcoins, no upvotes…

He could also sell his work as digital art

I’m sure in the future he’ll also be able to GETs some SAFEcoins for his art. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its an experiment Travis, a brilliant one. I hope it goes places - maybe just needs a bit of luck to get some viral coverage. I have upvoted both to support and because I’d love one of Ted’s pictures - for the art and to be a part of a new phenomenon :slight_smile: I’ve shared with some artist friends. I offered to introduce them to you if any of them want to learn more about the idea - hope that’s ok with you, feel I should have asked but felt sure you would be fine with that. I can be go-between if you don’t have time.

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Cool I’ll vote later today… My experience is you have to be female or just have a bunch of luck to get most chance …

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Thank you so much for your support. I am very encouraged by the response of this new idea. I plan to do about one SteemAway a day (or two:) for the next month to really give this idea a chance.

Here is my link to make it easy to follow all the SteemAway’s http://SteemAway.Win

Here is #2 SteemAway. Take a look at these beautiful pieces of original art:

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