States that coerce their citizens to interact

States that coerce their citizens to interact

I’ll give some examples below but the idea is that states are obsessed with getting people to interact at increasing rates. Sometimes its talked about in economic terms and at other times in more honest terms of social unity or cohesion. It seems states think in terms of interdependence but bias toward the dependence component instead of the independence component. This is a big problem for human happiness. States don’t just give up on this, habituation enters in and the results don’t seem satisfying form from a state measurement mentality and the state is seeking ever more efficient and effective manipulations. It’s like Yosemite Sam shooting at the Bug’s feet and shouting dance.


This was what was behind the Nixon’s constant concern with silent bystanders.

This is the motive behind false flag operations.
It’s part of why the states fear too much unemployment and also why they don’t encourage the competitive wage (the turns employees into competitors of their employers.) It’s part of why Greenspan said he wanted to make sure the common person didn’t get to comfortable.

Its why the ancient democratic Greek state taxed both rich and poor and redistributed income between them- in order to get people to interact face to face.

Its why states wouldn’t want a citizenry composed of people who had cut the cords and were essentially independent farms with little debt and essentially no bills.

It’s at the core of why they like social media and given their measurement fetish and paranoia why they like the kind that lets them track and spy on everyone.
The state wants people interacting and spreading its narrative and propaganda amongst themselves so as to identify with it.

Part of this is that it wants to drive up interactivity enough that it can direct in ways activity in ways that support the ever increasing expense of technological defense- which might be its most legitimate rational assuming we couldn’t get peace- but this very activity creates apprehension and undermines peace.
It’s a key reason why they like consumerism and for power cohesion and propaganda reasons sponsorship or money as bribery- the state does print the money.

If there is a Bolshevik revolution in Russia the US might do a New Deal carrot but not fund it sufficiently stick (Lucy with the football). Or if there is a LA Riots and Seattle Riots the result might be a bump in minimum wage carrot but also 911 stick.
No matter what they do its always ratcheting up.