States and Organizations Running on FOSS Principles

If you’re going to do some FOSS code like MaidSAFE then it seems that your orientation is one of maximum trust and openness. It seems that this is what you value and are trying to foster in the world. It doesn’t matter to you if everything you say and do in the context of your organization has a possibility of ending up on Wikileaks or Wikileaks 2.0 because you put it all out there all the time on purpose. You’re not afraid of public scrutiny due process. With your project you’ve been FOSS every step of the way. You’ll be FOSS with your books. You know that just because they can see you coming doesn’t mean they can stop you and this is especially the case once momentum builds and momentum builds out of visibility.

Unlike the US government you will not be recording stuff so that you can strategically not record other stuff and even then sealing some stuff for 50 years or indefinitely. No, its all sunshine. I think this is where we’re going. The Freedom software idea and mindset will displace other ways of getting stuff done out of simple practicality and the incredibly strong preference for trust and cooperation. More and more of our complex transactions are completely run or mitigated by code, in part because code can do stuff quickly, endlessly, with little in the way of errors and economically. Its not enough to have some open code that does amazing stuff that almost no one understands the implications of or how it quite runs or the intent and purpose behind it. Knowing the open intent from the start and watching it progress is vital. Intent and purpose should be transparent from the start for better trust and adoption.

In this closed environment and because there are so many actors possibly without the best intentions the SAFE team apparently is holding some details back in the run up to the launch but only momentarily and that won’t be standard operating procedure- probably won’t be necessary again in a world where SAFE like organizations and code becomes the norm, but the point is MaidSAFE seems to be FOSS even in its organization and processes. .

In a way every state or organization has code, we see it all over the place with stuff like charters. That state or organization runs that code. The whole problem of state and organizations from conception through birth and death can be run through and on the FOSS principles. These highest common denominator open cooperative systems should be able to out compete closed less trustworthy (closed/proprietary) groups. This is a natural function of people living according to the principles they believe in and those principles spreading. These are people who are primarily trying to help other people and work with them as opposed to trying to control other people.


Good overview.

The only comment is that what’s being built isn’t actually built on trust. I think it’s better to say that the medium is trustless and requires that public action be trustworthy.

I agree. Hopefully self interest works the way the cheerleaders are always telling us it should, at least in this case where the public may take action.