Start Farming already possible?


Im sure that was already asked before but I could not find anything. Is it possible to start farming already? Ive downloaded the Launcher and the Demo and its big fun. Now I would like to provide my Laptop to do so some farming.

Thanks in advance for a reply.

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Not yet, all us are waiting for the vaults :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe today with the actualization? who know

Are we currently in Testnet2? When is the next launch?

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What do you think version 1.0 will be go live?

Maidsafe wil release an MVP soon, you can look for the Weekly announcements they make here to have the up to date status of development

David Irvine stated in another post, vaults won’t be released today as they have a couple of things to finish up.

a couple? i believe some hundreds :confused: just waiting…

im sorry, i dont speak english very well, what is the meaning of MVP?

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I think the non-beta version, the official version is for the next year, because they have first to realease a beta version to test the posible problems

Minimum viable product

Maybe @BlackJacky and @leonmeitor might find the recent “MaidSafe Dev Update” posts in the Development category of great benefit in getting up to speed on the current release plans.

In essence the we are in the Pre-MVP testing stage so that the devs can find the bugs in the components while they are bringing each component up to the point of MVP

MVP = minimum viable product

It would seem that the terms alpha and beta releases are not being used (anymore) and they are changing to a rolling release system where features are added (& bugs fixed) on each release after the MVP is released.

We are waiting for vaults to be included in the pre-mvp testing. While the network has vaults, they are only operated by MAIDsafe at the moment (50 of them from memory)