Starlink with safe net will be unstoppable

I’ve known about the starlink project for a while, heard the name and the concept, but with the world going to crap I’ve not been paying much attention.

It’s due to launch in the US this year, and will expend worldwide next year.

I would strongly prefer to run my SAFENetwork node on a starlink connection, near 100% uptime?

The great firewall of china, and other regions and territories with information restrictions are just going to crumble.

Satellites running ion drives - wow, we live in the future.

Edit: So, where would you rather your monthly internet fee go…

  1. Some shoddily run monopoly of an ISP…


  1. To someone who is going to use the funds to colonize mars.

I am dropping my internet provider asap.



I’m in agreement, with one assumption: traffic obfuscation.

Encrypted transit alone won’t be sufficient when state and corporate actors are specifically targeting SAFE. It’s also possible that encryption, or certain forms of it, could be made illegal and ports detected using it are simply terminated.

IMHO it will become very important for SAFE’s traffic to be indistinguishable from generic clearnet traffic. For example, encoding SAFE’s traffic as ordinary web requests and mmo game data. Assuming that, unstoppability is within reach.

Even better than a big lock is invisibility.


Another step closer to this with Relevant comment from author at

It implements a modular, censorship-resistant proxy tunnel that encapsulates arbitrary application traffic inside some cover protocol (currently only HTTPS).

I’ve tested it against nDPI and a commercial DPI engine developed by Palo Alto Networks. Both detected TOR traffic using Rosen as ordinary HTTPS :slight_smile:

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