Starlink, internet satellite service will be IP-less

What do you think of this? Is it good or bad for safenet?

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IMO this is a Muskian spin on CLNS connectionless service and layer 2 of the ISO 7 layer model (by someone who actual knows something in his team, it certainly is not Musk), for sure Musk’s team will use something like CLNS as today CLNS is the main transport of all non IP phone calls running pretty well everything over top of fiber and wireless large scale transmission links in big operator network and Satellite networks.

keep in mind Musk is a (well paid) Salesman of NYC debt issuers, the banks, run by people much more powerful than Musk by a couple of orders of magnitude… and not unlike Trump, and has been since day one :wink: He is no genius…

I forgot to mention his NYC handlers are expert in defrauding tax $$ from tax payers in the USA, witness Solarcity (Bankruptcy) in NY state and now his battery play in Nevada (Pansaonic got sucked in big time and under the hood its aging technology the Powerwall…), all built with state tax payer money…, oh I forgot he did the same thing for his masters in CA with Tesla Motor cars…, and the list goes on…

If you combine this news with this news

And replace mine cryptocurrency with farm SAFEcoin, I guess it’s good news for the SAFE Network. :star::link: will probably become the :star_of_david: and Musk’s comment says it all.

“unlikely to be hacked [with] current computing tech” and, if it does end up being hacked, “a crypto fix will go out immediately via [a] network-wide firmware update.”

He’s expecting to get a second change to do an crypto fix, problem is: there won’t be a second change. If this gets hacked, his hackers will be running their firmware from the SAFE Network and not from AWS or a botnet.