StarLink - Anyone received offer to purchase yet

I just received this offer to purchase a beta starlink connection. There is limited number of orders they will accept. I had thought my expression of interest lodged a long time ago went into the void. Well apparently not.

Not cheap.

I signed up and seems I might actually have fitted into their limited numbers, or else this happens for everyone.

Anyone else received the offer yet.

The reason is that we should get better ping times to the USA & UK and my son is desperate for shorter lag times


Cool @neo I have also lodged interest. I suspect the price will drop quickly, but … at least I know this was their intent.


I am due to receive the kit mid to late this year. I will keep everyone informed when I get updated @dirvine . They have taken my deposit and that means I have “priority” to receive a beta kit from the limited supply in my area. No guarantees but I got the email less than an hour ago (I paid within 1/2 hour) so hopefully I was quick enough :wink:


Really keen to see how this goes, end of telephone wires across the country ?


It also bypasses our regional restrictions. Although I am sure spaceX has had to agree to things with our government.

I am not sure how spaceX will handle the mandated data retention for 2 years we have here imposed on all ISPs. I am guessing that SpaceX is not going to since that would an excessive expense within the beta program. Also they will likely claim the fact they are not technically operating on Australian territory and the law only applies to those who do. The government will just keep quiet and not let us know that people can bypass the snooping by going to spacex


SpaceX and SAFENet - there won’t be any data for them to retain. :rofl:

Converting to Euros, that’s about EUR 90, which is 30 more than I currently pay.
Worth it, as it removed dependency on local infrastructure.

@neo you’ll be the first of us to test SAFENet over StarLink - very cool.


I watched some unbox and use vids, looks pretty good even when dish is covered in snow.


At this time they reckon I need 100 degree cone of clear view to the sky. I will tomorrow check my back porch and double check I have that. Its some 5 meters off the ground and clear views to the south. It is actually above the close trees so hopefully. The mounting kit is a free standing tripod for the beta and a roof mount would cost extra and prefer not to have that. And I do think I have the 100 degree cone or very close.

By the end of the year there will likely be twice the satellites as now so that cone will be reduced somewhat anyhow.


That might be why the price ($139/$709) is so high. The price I have been seeing in North America is $99 per month and $499 for the hardware which is what this Michigan subscriber just paid about a week ago.


The “killer app” for this technology will be an antenna that works indoors. Think of how many people live in apartments. Another boost will be antenna and service that is transportable, you can take it over to a friend’s place for a special broadcast. Musk says this is in the works. I never see him mention indoor operability though, maybe not feasible.

Have my deposit in. Shouldn’t be available here before 2022, but I plan to live in the countryside by then and it may just be what the doctor ordered.

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From everything I’ve read, since beta, this has been a a game changer for rural people. Speeds seem to be consistently above 100Mbps and latency in the 40ms range. If Starlink can maintain those latencies while continuing to increase their speeds to their desired 1gbps point, SpaceX will become a world powerhouse.


That equates to AUD 147.50/mth 741.00 Install. (exch rate 1.35 + 10% local tax)

In the near future it seems that all one has to do is put it at (or just outside) the window with a view to the sky.

Also SpaceX will offer building units to supply the building.

This would be great, even if it just required you to “register” it at the new location after setting it up. EG press a button to register the unit to the network.

Hopefully they can make it work where ever you can get GPS signals. It is a limitation of satellite tech though.

Just ordered mine :slight_smile: £89 down and then ~£400 for kit and £89 a month. A bit steep but it is out of this world :wink: I think more of these and Safe is even harder to stop.

Hmm I wonder IPV6? again with that I know?


Doesn’t look like it, at least not yet


Would be wonderful if Safe farmers blow up Starlink sales like graphics cards… that is advertising bliss. :grinning:


They are on a fast track. Musk says worldwide coverage by end of year.


So do I then!

OK joke joke, don’t, that was not a promise in any way shape or form, but I also think we can insure Safe network apps against nuclear fallout, so who knows?


Selective quote in my next tweet :joy:


Just an update, mainly for Aussie people. Talking to a friend of mine who is high up in an ISP and I asked about starlink and data retention laws.

Well its something I should have already thought of, Yes they will have to retain the data for 2 years and its because they have to comply with Australian laws if they want a license for transmitting equipment of the power required and the frequencies used.

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