Standalone Application

Will it be possible to run the Maidsafe application from a USB without installing any files so that it can be run on administrator controlled PCs?

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Yes, search for portable apps if you need more.


Cheers, I tried a few search terms but nothing useful showed up.

Be warned that administrator controlled PCs can include a policy to prevent programs from being run from USB and from booting up from foreign devices (eg dvd, usb, etc)

I’ve only had trouble running the Integral Crypto .exe from my encrypted USB when I was working on military sites, which is understandable I guess!

Everywhere else has seemed to allow the execution of .exe files from the USB, although autorun is usually disabled so you have to do it manually.

Well one of the utility companies I’ve done contract work at had their SOE preventing that. It really depends on the company.

Searching portable apps gives me some topics that explain what and how I think, and have links to info about and lists of existing portable apps that could be used right away.

What is it that you are looking for?

Here are the first three search results I got:

They are all posts/topics by me :slight_smile: but I searched ‘all’ and the were the first three results, honest!


Sorry, my poor wording. What I meant was that I tried a few search terms before posting (“run from USB”, “standalone”, etc.).

After you suggested “Portable Apps” I was able to find what I was looking for. Sorry for the confusion!