Stallman on one of the offensive uses of (any) network

While checking something about MIT vs. GPL license I came across a range of interesting statements on the same by certain Richard Stallman. He and Tonda (see here) apparently disagree.

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Wow, how conveniently coincidental. :smirk: Stop shielding yourself behind others and be direct. You obviously share enough with this view to have been motivated to start this thread. Instead you attempt a corner play while removing yourself entirely. You are so very clever. :sleeping: Did your mother ever tell you’re special. I don’t think it can be emphasized enough.

In regards to Stallman and his opinions. While I admit that some of it invoked a sense of disgust, the logic is sound. This is exactly what I meant by “dealing with this on a societal level”. Rather than wasting valuable resources hunting the increasingly illusive, we instead need reform. So while your heart was in the wrong place when deciding to initiate this combative correspondence, I appreciate the endorsement. Enjoy your day janitor. I believe you’re again needed in isle three. You unwittingly defecated as you waddled about looking to remain conversationally relevant. :sleepy:


The final official warning from forum mods to janitor to follow in 3…2…1…

Please, my ill response was much deserved. If you weren’t such a jerk, I would be more civil. You and at least one other person on this forum seem to gain pleasure from frustrating others. Your malintent and manipulative behavior will no longer go unchecked. The zen like patience of the moderators is understandably waning. Though you’re right, I shouldn’t stoop to your level. I can see why you remain there though. It can be lots of fun! :smile:

Thanks for illuminating what my “level” is!

It is not entirely unexpected that the call related to “offensive use” came from you.

It it can happen on this forum, it can happen anywhere :wink:

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Ah you humor me so… :relaxed: Thank you for your words of wisdom. They are as valuable to me air I exhale. You are very talented indeed… :sleepy: