I know there have been posts here and there throughout the forum but feel a topic on stableset_net will be useful.

@dirvine @joshuef @bzee @Anselme could one of you please give an eli5/how to for any of us that would like to poke at it.


I hope in a week or so, we will have something to poke at here. It’s a late-stage experiment right now. It looks good, but we are swapping out some networking parts.

As we were implementing stable set we tested out an ever simpler approach that seemed that it could bear a lot of fruit quickly. Quite exciting things are happening right now.


:eyes: man there is too much going on :sweat_smile:, thanks David I can’t wait to hear/see what’s cooking.


What could this be… Bunch of elders running laptops and calling each other with phones when decisions need to be done?


Where we are going, we won’t need … ah well ye have sprung us :slight_smile: So seriously, it may be there are no elders, no age, no sections, no relocations and DBCs secure the whole data network. Who knows? could we be so radical? Could we do this with nodes from home, hole punching, DOS protection and multiple services running on safe at the same time? Do I feel lucky, punk? :gun: :smiley:

The advanced stage of testing will soon tell us how far we can go in how short a space of time here. I am pushing for escape velocity now, the whole team are getting there too. I think we can get there, eventually, after all of this time.