Stable overwriting of data

So replacing existing data at the moment, sees a deletion that can take a moment and then the upload of new data. I wonder even when automated, it’s might take a few seconds… and on more complex projects where data that might have a real impact. More so perhaps where that is a directory of many files.

Would it be worthwhile having an option that is fail-safe, in a way that another user will always find a copy of the file? Is that already in the works??

Expecting it would be a simple process to ensure before; during; and after, that a file is accessible.

  1. On request to overwrite, mark ~file
  2. If request for file received during, then push to existing=old copy ~file
  3. Create the new file
  4. Delete ~file.

I assume you are referring to Structured Data (because I don’t think this is the case for Immutable Data)?

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SD … ID … those are obscure definitions for an ordinary user.

Overwrite might not technically see data deleted but if there’s an option to delete and then an option to upload again, then that is equivalent to an overwrite for all intents and purposes that are meaningful to user experience and should be presented as one action in that high level of user actions.

I’m talking of someone wanting to refresh a webpage or a directory and not liking that they have to delete it and have the risk of nothing available to whatever wants that data… and if that’s not human, perhaps that will create larger problems. Even if it’s human users, it could be a fair amount of time interrupt while larger sites are refreshed. Such experience will seem like avoidable error.

Thanks for clarifying - I didn’t realise you were talking about user experience.

Yes, these are valid points from a UX point of view, no brainers really. I don’t have any doubt this is what will be implemented - I’m sure it’s just that MaidSafe have limited time to apply to UX when there is so much pressure to get the network stable. As that happens and the client team are freed up to focus on client side I think we’ll see rapid advances in both functionality and ease of use though.

I’m very excited about that because from the little tasters we’ve seen over time I think they have some very talented people and brilliant UX ideas - and they’ve had lots of time to be chewing them over. All very encouraging to me. :slight_smile:

There is a discussion, right now in fact, where @dirvine addresses this issue. in the thread Deletion of SD objects.

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