Spreading the word now is 10000% more effective than in the bull run craziness

I’ve notices people are more willing to listen in chat rooms, forums, facebook groups etc. Whereas in the bull madness a year ago nobody wanted to listen, everybody was shilling their platform coins and for whatever reason medical coins were doing well much like in 2013-14 (pro-tip when medical coins do well the bubble is due to burst within 12 months). Therefore, although moral is low across the entire crypto space, now is the best time to tell people about Maidsafe. We simply won’t be able to out-do the hype and millions/billions ICOs will raise in the next bubble.


If anything good comes from the crash, perhaps it will be more rationalizing and focus on quality. Obviously quality is an attribute that SAFE does in bucketloads; so, I keep willing those focused on the market, to consider careful what they are supporting and how. In a market fairly flooded with options, comes a healthy dose of buyer beware. Creating resources and reference points that help support understanding then all helps. The war of attrition with forums and chatrooms, is a perpetual effort made easy as development progresses.


Agreed! Many people who scoffed a year ago, are all ears now. With the hype and mania subsided, many are realizing that blockchain over promised and, thus, under-delivered. Moreover, it’s become clear that professed speed to market is not a stand in for quality results. How ironic, Aesop only shared the story of the tortoise and the hare some 2.5K years ago, yet so many still missed the memo. :smirk:


Yes I agree. Many are surely realising that the shiny new projects from last year are going to take quite a while to deliver and then get adopted (that’s if they don’t fail, which many will). So hopefully they will start taking a more serious look at projects that are closer to delivering and getting adopted.

I think the Factom boom these last few weeks will create a decent bench mark for what to look for in a good project… and there are many similarities between Factom and Maidsafe… both having very professional, dedicated teams, a strong community, and a lot of focus on building rather than hyping. The use case is pretty obvious too.


FCT and MAID also both create an entire ecosystem where the token is useful. When this ecosystem is up and running, there is no other coin competing in it. It is very different to bitcoin, which has to compete with all the other currencies in the world.