Sponsorship at Work: Corporate Criminal Audi now Consumer Reports Car Company of the Year

The Kochs said they were going to attack electric cars with sponsorship or specifically sponsored lies in the sponsored lie based media. So here is Consumer Reports being bought and paid for. If I’ve understood correctly at least CR has the dignity not to announce a top pick car for the year because that would have to be the Tesla S yet again as demonstrated by Tesla becoming the top selling luxury make in the US over night- that is dominating the most profitable and prestigious category as an American Company out of no where. But CR has still sold out in the worst way possible and shows why sponsorship and sponsored media is really at the heart of every problem we face in the world today and the core of our inability to do anything about it. Instead of being happy about a great success we have idiot Republican presidential candidates calling it a loser. These candidates are villains even more than Audi. As far as the label for audi, look at the firms historical genesis and look at its recent actions, which may well include co sponsorship of this shill article. And notice also the subtext, be rewarded for lying to the public about the impact of oil and obsolete tech based on it. The have become pure shit.