Sponsored media paid to save big insurance lying about driverless cars?

Although driverless cars stand to provide a projected 90% decrease in accidents making them a greater safety innovation than air bags by far- the greatest ever and although they promise to radically reduce trafic and reduce fuel consumption and urban spraw and commute times- despite this they may represent a 90 percect reduction in auto insurance revenue so we have paid to lie sponsored media now lying to the public at the cost of countless lives trying to convince the public that the tech is 15 years off instead of a couple years off. The insurance industry needs to be hammered over this more than the auto industry ever was over air bags and of course pay to defraud the public interest lie based infotainment Machiavelian sponsored media needs to be outright felony illegal because sponsorship is bribery for censorship, the kind that fixes elections and installs money puppets.