Sponsored law is crime

Sponsored law is crime and sponsored politicians are criminals. Sponsored media is the greatest crime of all because it is the key enabler. Curiously the wealthy running for office if they weren’t screened by sponsored media from running could at least self fund to pay off sponsored media and then subvert.

And while I am at it let me suggest that people who bet against / short and whine about Tesla tend to be f-ing morons. There are some billionaires doing it and they are the worst kind of stupid. Their reasoning seems to be some mix of royalist loyalty to petrarchy or some kind of illuminist delusion or just their willingness to look incredibly stupid and dishonest to protect bad positions thar real intelligence would never have led them into. Tesla and its merits are irrelevant in this, what they are really betting on is slavery and insisting on it as if it were neccessary or its existence a key element for justice in the world. Ethically I don’t think they are any better than Nazis, maybe worse because its as if they are entitled Nazis coming after the historical example set by the Nazis themselves. Then add the shill press that they buy to try to make their seem reasonable. These people are like Jefferson Davis trying to argue that exploitation is a right, that slavery is a right and not actually something worse than murder. Energy/fuel petrol is about nothing more than using money to enslave people, that is why we’ve been stuck with it and why we need to kill it as fast as humanly possible. Making profit from energy/fuel petrol should be a felony and a strict liability tort that leads to total wealth forfeiture.