Sponsored Education

Kochs have agreements with 150 higher education institutions. They get to select the faculty. The is not education it indoctrination, like junk mail acting pretending to be an education. Certification at these institution needs to be yanked as they are no longer credible.

The Anarchists ought to be able to have their own educational institutions just like the secularists, do the religious do, or the statists do.

Banning certain interest groups from running schools is tyranny to the top of the definition of tyranny.

Then at least the collegeboards can decertify the phoney education programs. These are programs that have been hijacked by extremism and dirty money. They are the opposite of academic freedom and freespeech. If you don’t parrot the oppressive Koch ideology there you will be fired. Professors there are not free to pursue the truth certainly not free to express it.

Do you really expect libertarian thought to be taught by professors on the state’s payroll? Wouldn’t that be insanely hypocritical?

If the Koch’s or anybody else wants to endow a professorship, that ought to be encouraged…

Why do you assume they are phoney? There have been plenty of libertarian philosophers and economists throughout the ages.

Oh it is happening at corrupt state schools. We already have the idiocy of departments trying to dictate which texts professors can use which is censorship of the highest order, but now we have the Kochs writing contracts with defunded state schools that allows them to dictate who the faculty is. Id rather have North Korea writing those contracts, it would be more credible. Credible Libertarians don’t need the Kochs or their contracts for censorship.

I know you hate sponsorship, but is State sponsorship okay?

Why or why not?

State sponsorship is stuff like Iran Contra, 911, and Austerity. I think we need to empty out Guantonomo and fill it with the business criminals behind these.

If its transparent, reflects the will of the people, in the public interest and well intentioned then it doesn’t seem to have the conflicts that sponsorship has even if taxes (non regressive sort) fund it. Generally we can make so little that we avoid most taxation or expatriate, taxes are not absolute.

Governments will always be corrupt, and State sponsored education will always build a more obedient populous.

We need private education to break the cycle of war and oppression.

You point your fingers everywhere except for where it belongs The state… The fact that the state is for sale is the fault of the state. The fact that there is a line of people who are willing to buy the state is because the state is very dangerous and can destroy anyone at will…

I would much rather have private sponsored education than state sponsored eductation. At least you get a variety…

Do you think Bill and Melinda ought to be barred from sponsoring computer labs and technologies in schools? Why or why not?

That is just a granting of resources. I look forward to a world without nations but in the mean time we cannot simply let the state fail further. On the right they want to get rid of the middle class and they always want to use the state as an excuse. To me the wealthy are the only optional class. We may or may not have the poor, but all through history its always been wealth corrupting society.
Unless you turn yourself into a slave of inherited wealth you can’t have health care. Emergency rooms must turn a profit for inherited wealth. This is nonsense.

Till very recently many hospitals where non-profit church run.

Only the massive invasion of government regulation has made compliance too expensive for such things to be sustainable.

Goverment is the problem.

Government run county hospitals worked for decades. Then Nixon came along thinking profit would improve things. It hasn’t.

I could see the stuff going on in Michigan leading to wide spread violence. Types like the Kochs have installed little financial manager dictators in many cities through a puppet govenor. People repealed the law with referedum and the puppet and puppet legislators put in a clone and continued. Fed should remove this puppet ans go after the groups responsible. That kind of idiocy really does move things in the direction of civil war. You don’t get rid of democracy for financial reasons, money will never be justification. This really does look like the beginning of an attempt to start a revolution but in the direction of pro corporate slavery. There were at least a couple of justificatons for the revolutionary war, and harrassment of soon to be Americans by a Brit corporation was one of them.

Breaking up privately held firms like Koch industries is fine too if they are trying to use their money to subvert democracy.

So you propose using the federal government to overthrow state governments that you don’t like?

Yah, that will go well. I bet the feds will use a lot of restraint and only go after the really bad ones.

“End tyranny by giving tyrants even more power” summarizes nearly every warren post…

There is still due procress, but you dont just stand by and let tyrrants take over a state, you remove the and reinstate democratic order.

It seems to me that there where legitimate elections and somebody you don’t like won.

You don’t criminalize winning elections, or supporting winning causes… You vote otherwise next time around. Or not… But your proposal, of federal intervention is exponentially more dangerous… In a year the guys you hate so much may very well be in charge of the feds and the guy you like will be the ones that are being raided…

I get your point, but its not a minor wrong these puppets are engaged in. A state may play with a county a bit as they are arms of the state, but a city is another matter. Big cities predated nation states and are about the most viable political entity you can have. You don’t get to simply overthow the democratically elected governments and install puppets. And then when the peope of the state resist and revoke that law ingnor defy their will and just keep going with a clone? The idea that this idiocy is some how setting precedent is even worse.

You have the Republican in Kansas threatening to defund the court over an investgation after Perry in Texas did something similar. Stuff from the right now is worse than McCarthyism. If this stuff isnt stopped and rolled back it emboldens it.

All of the ‘puppets’ where democratically elected or appointed by democratically elected, correct?

Nope, puppets by definition are not democratically elected. Its amazing the depth of brainwashing, the conversion of money into political power is not legitimate, its is the problem. It will never be acceptable and the results are always predictable.

The democratic process has been weakening. The only portion of US history that truly justifies its desirability politically and economically was the post New Deal for 30-40 years after New Deal. Those that want to take us back prior to that period are simply ill informed. They are chasing after enslavement thinking it will be freedom. They typically understand the need for police, especially if there is scarcity, but think that markets solve all problems and there won’t be financial criminals to enslave them. And given time once they achieve their distopia it just becomes a monarchy and given technology something like Mad Max. Its complete and utter BS. There is no substitute for legitimate political power sharing, money will always be secondary. We will never accept: I have more money than you so you must do what I tell you. Better dead fighting that result than alive living under it.

Money is simply not a legitimate basis for political power, that has to be burned in. More than that there will never be a middle class if that thinking is allowed and then you don’t have a society you just have slavery. And this is exactly why we don’t want moneyed lies peddled as education, its just an ancient scam.

So, give some names of some legislators that where placed into office without being elected or appointed in a constitutional succession?

Take a look at Michigan and take a look at anyone involved with ALEC. ALEC exists to subvert the democratic process. Take a look at a ton of documentaries on Neflix.

Where they elected or not? That fact that somebody took campaign money from one lobbying group or another does not mean they are not democratically elected.

Netflix if full of all kinds of crap. That doesn’t make any of it true. Documentaries on both sides of anything.