Sponsored data is pure evil

Data caps are BS

Some ads are free not others

Some content like Fox news is free not others

Now net flix will have to have full page modal ads for capture.

I think sponsorship should be a felony and the punishment should be the death penalty- money based speech enclosure and censorship is that serious it is an attempt to make people into property, its every bit as bad as state censorship likely worse. Death penalty because slavery (people as property also stripped of rights) is worse than murder.

The wealthy cannot be allowed to control the narrative.


My sample of one is that US download of useful sites are already being throttled heavily, like getting set back 7 to 10 years on speed is my guess.

We have to find a way to prosecute Ajit Pai and people like him. You can’t radically damage the public interest and literally increase the peril of humanity and not think it will have a heavy consequence. This a guy’s incredible arrogance has convicted him. Can’t take actions that directly harm 7 billion people without justification and think that enhances anythiny least of all one’s pesonal safety. In the US alone it would be like doubling 130 million people’s daily commute and insisting its justified on the basis of a right to thieving. Or like shutting off their silly cable TV but much worse because they depend on internet and hate the cable companies and their models.