Spanish forum - Foro de Maidsafe

Note there’s a Spanish interest at Foro de Maidsafe.
I don’t speak Spanish but posted a simple update Red de pruebas con droplet estable


They really didn’t like the announcement about the coins.

It’s looks like a bitcoin centric forum… so ‘they’ is likely a broad spread all the way from pump and dumpers suggesting the opposite of what they think, through to the curious who might chatter less nonsense and then think beyond a quick profit in coins.

Nah, they seem to be up to date, hardcore maidsafers. They’re talking some of the same stuff we saw here about theft, being a sign of no confidence etc. You’re definitely right about it being a smaller group on a mostly bitcoin centric forum though. That may be because crypto in general is smaller in the spanish speaking community (not sure).

Well, I wouldn’t say that. In Argentina the crypto community is growing very fast, in fact the project is argentinean, and places like Venezuela bitcoins are the only means they have for savings.
So the main market for bitcoins for now is in Latin America and places with unstable financial and monetary systems.

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@savidpbrown what did you mean to say with “O Estanca Es”? It doesn’t make any sense

o que sea completamente segura

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No, what did he originally inputted in the google translate?
The watertight interpretation came from a reverse translation from a user in the forum. Especially the “Or and Es” makes no sense even if he wrote watertight

vamos los pibes !..,

A described in that forum already, it was “or watertight is”… and was my translation not from a user in the forum. So then was continuity from the line above, suggesting then the stronger approach ==failsafe ==exacting solution, for a SAFE only proxy, which doesn’t allow for SAFE websites to pull content from the clearnet.

If you’re behind on that thought, the SAFE only option is for cases in which user is rightly using SAFE because of privacy concern. For example, a Chinese user might reasonably want to understand the reality that was Tiananmen square protests of 1989, and despite those who know better what is good for others disapproving and thinking it doesn’t make sense, that user should be able to use SAFE with confidence that the site they visit is not also requesting Tiananmen.jpg from