Space aliens

You’re welcome…lol

Interesting…what’s the site called? - genuinely interested.


I did not know if I was allowed to use urls here LOL. The main site is it’s the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. The social companion site which is doing a huge grand opening next week is

The main site is information, the companion is for experiencers to be able to talk about what happened without people harassing them. The about tab at will let you see who is involved.

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I was interested to see if there was any evidence or if science based etc. I see that what you mean is that among the people who like to believe they have met little green men, are scientists, PHD’s and Physicists(very few I would think)
Nice work on the website design though, but unfortunately it is exactly “that type of site”, as far as I can see.

By “that” type of site I meant porn.

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lol…little green man porn? I’m lost…Ok, I’ll leave you alone now…

That’s too bad you are lost, I will try to use smaller words from now on. It’s no wonder you could not understand the site it used BIG words like; the quantum principles of entanglement, non-locality and coherent emission.
Perhaps you should do a bit of research if you want to discuss areas you seem woefully ignorant about. Here is a free book that should start with simple words;

Good luck with that. Humor to cover ignorance doesn’t always work. :wink:

LOL…you should definitely not have just said any of that, especially when I offered to leave you alone…

I’m reasonably knowledgeable of these areas and the way in which Pseudo-Science likes to marry the “big words” to daft ideas in order to make people “believe” they have any legitimacy…it is Pseudo-Science, Crackpot and Cultish.
I have also been accused of many things but not until now of inarticulacy, illiteracy or lack of vocabulary.
Thanks for the link to the Children’s UFO book - I think that’s about as Academic as the research gets.

How true…lol
Actually, I visited your “We are Not Alone Hub” for Scientists and Physicists and strangely, I found that I was….doo-doo… doo-doo…doo-doo.doo-doo……lol

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This thread could be separated into two separate threads. One about websites and another about space aliens in the off-topic section. I absolutely believe there are many civilizations in the universe, even many in our own galaxy. Why haven’t we had official contact with any ETs? How to resolve Fermi’s paradox? That’s easy because all advanced civilizations will have reached and gone beyond a technological singularity. And this means artificial intelligence with godlike powers. Type IV civilizations on the Kardashev scale. And the extremely advanced AI makes sure “young” civilizations like our own can develop on our own until we have become mature enough to make official ET contact. It’s a kind of fully effective “prime directive” enforced by the AI for all civilizations.

Interesting and I agree with a lot of what you say. My questions would focus around feasibility of time-travel, manipulating worm-holes etc and to what extent we can think of these things as “doable”. I totally agree that there is a good chance other civilisations exist, other life forms cetainly. My objections enter into the picture when a “belief system” is created with no evidence for it, yet is linked to science in a dishonest way - pseudo science - not the existence of aliens. I would like to have this discussion in off-topic, so will start a thread. Cheers