SOPA sponsor MPAA outed in Sony hack (Sponored Media!)


Why is the MPAA even allowed to exist. I am sure there would be plenty of people who would be willing to contribute every month to a fund to rid the world of such anti social organizations. Look at the tactics exposed in this article and ask yourself if this organization exists to do other than harm society.

The allegation is that among other things it was paying off prosecutors. It doesn’t get more corrupt that. Buying a prosecutor to prosecute what should not be prosecuted is worse than paying a prosecutor to drop charges.
Watch if anything is done about this or if it even gets investigated. The hackers kept talking about Sony doing something. It was like they were warned to stop doing what ever it was they were doing. Will what that was ever come out? Might want to think twice before buying a PS4.

As a planet if anything is illegal, right after murder it has to be sponsorship because it is always about mass censorship and silencing the voice of everyday people to the point hat they become helpless and enslaved under dictatorship. Money is not speech. The limits on money are what make it useful. To remove these limits turns all money into blood money.