Some thoughts on PARSEC

Musings to start a conversation.

The following is my understanding of how it is planned to work:

  • Only elders vote
  • Adults and children connect “the elder group” but not each other
  • Elders all connect to each other
  • Elders connect to neighbor groups
  • Elders are elders because they’ve stuck around through enough churn events.
  • Elders vote to create an ordered series of events, ideally asynchronously. (Sticky point right now)

Not sure of:

  • Do adults and children gossip or only get pushed information from elders? (My understanding so far is it’s pushed to them because they’re only connected to elders)
  • Does block n require block n-1 to be confirmed (blockchain style) or just require than everyone eventually be in the same order?
    • Things like a split obviously need an order so n will rely on n-1, but does it always?


  • Building an agreed upon list of ordered events asynchronously via vote seems to be a non sequitur. (From my admittedly uneducated standpoint)
  • Having adults go from “just here for the free pizza” to “I help control the group” seems like a big jump without any other qualifications other than “I didn’t fail for the longest”. Seems like the stage should be the “let me prove I can be an elder” stage.
  • Elders have too much power and exclude the “thoughts” of adults.
  • It is more likely to have good actors (average Joe home user) stuck in the adult stage because it’s a home computer that restarts and such and (imo) shouldn’t be ignored completely.
  • PARSEC could fake async with a “backlog” of 5-8 messages in the list. If someone that needed to vote is holding it up, they are not reliable and should be demoted (age/3?) immediately and move on. At most an attacker could hold up a group a few messages.

:joy: i like the way you think

hmmm - good actors don’t need to be good actors because they are good people :thinking: people that benefit more from the network being online and not hacked are good actors too (as long as they’re not mad men)

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Right. Good actors also includes every lazy/uneducated actor.