Some Thoughts on Marketing

I had a recent thought on marketing recently which I wanted to share. I was watching the Keiser Report the other day and it hit me: once the SAFE Network launches, he’s the kind of person that will use it. There are a number well known figures in crypto now who have huge followings, Max Keiser and Trace Mayer being two examples. Their content focuses on exactly the kind of things that the SAFE Network provides for: privacy, freedom, and monetary sovereignty.

I think that one avenue of marketing once the network launches will be these kind of influential people using the SAFE Network and spreading the word through their social media channels. The network fits in with their values so I think they will use it, and they would have the incentive to promote it given that the more users that join the network, the greater value their Safecoin would have.


You may not have seen this


I did see this a while ago. Sorry should have embedded it. I think that when people like him start actually using the network and talking about it more, there will be a huge increase in awareness. By the time the network launches, his profile will likely be even higher, if public awareness of bitcoin continues to grow.


I agree, it is important to reuse old channels again and again. Time has changed. Old people need fresh info and there is so many new people who should be informed.